Be the first to know about Off-Market listings.

Expand your home search with access to Coming Soon, Exclusive and Assignment listings that can’t be found on an MLS®.

Did you know 33% of homes are shared in the Off-Market?

Coming Soon properties are homes that will be listed on an MLS® soon, but aren’t yet.

Exclusive properties are homes that will never be listed on an MLS®.

Assignment properties are existing purchase agreements being offered to take over and are generally not allowed on MLS®.

Knokd gives you access to the hidden inventory of Coming Soon and Exclusive homes.

Find homes before they’re shared on public listing websites

On Knokd you can find Coming Soon homes that will be publicly listed in the near future, and exclusive and assignment homes that never will be.

Get first-mover advantage

Timing is everything. Get to the front of the line for new listings, before the general public.

Get first-mover advantage

Timing is everything. Get to the front of the line for new listings, before the general public.

Get notified so you never miss an opportunity

Set up automated alerts so that you can be notified as soon as an off-market home is listed that meets your criteria.

How it works

Join Knokd today and we will link you to your existing real estate agent. If you are not already working with an agent we can connect you with one that can help you out.

Tell us about your dream home

Fill our your search criteria
just like you would on any
other listing website.

Listing agents gets notified of a match

When your criteria match a listing, the agent gets notified that they have a match.

Get property matches directly to your inbox

Properties that match your criteria get sent directly to your inbox.

Discover hundreds of off-market properties.

Why list Off-Market?

Off-Market listings can offer homeowners some unique advantages, or be useful under special circumstances. Homeowners may choose to list a property Off-Market for a number of reasons:

Privacy &

Save Time
& Stress


Flexible &


Keeping the Off-Market industry-friendly.

It’s our mission to promote cooperation amongst real estate agents while providing access to diverse service offerings – with the clients best interests in mind.

RCP Compliant

The Knokd platform upholds the best industry standards, including adherence the upcoming Realtor Cooperation Policy.

By agents, for agents.

Knokd was created to help real estate agents translate their off-market access to meaningful value added services for their clients.

Start exploring the
off-market today.

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